The reliable partner

in wholesale, C+C & food retail trade

Are you a meat wholesaler, C+C market, food retail trade or a butcher’s shop? Then you have come to the right place!


As a partner of numerous companies we continuously organise the daily meat supply.
Our meat products, i.e. both cuts and processed meat in accordance with HVO, are selected exactly according to weight and fat content and are suitable for your portioning, further processing or counter sales in food retail.


At the same time we also offer various packaging variants with the option of printing your own private label.

Quantity & Quality

All our customers are satisfied with our performance for years.
We deliver reliably, promptly and if desired, in bulk.


The quality of the meat products is always in the foreground.


Over the years, we have thus made a name for ourselves in the meat industry in Europe and the world as an importer and exporter who sets the highest quality standards and safety requirements for itself and its products.


A matter of course for us, from which you as a customer benefits.