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Lamb meat

The classic lamb meat comes from lambs slaughtered at an age of six to 12 months. The tender meat has a pink colour.

Sheep meat

Sheep meat is defined as animals that were over 12 months old at the time of slaughter. The dark colour and the coarse fibrousness are particularly striking in sheep meat.

Exquisite & Delicate

We offer our customers lamb and young sheep meat from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Spain, Ireland and the Netherlands.


If you are used to working with certain brands only, please feel free to contact us! We offer all cuts vacuum packed, fresh or deep frozen.


It is our pleasure to also realize your request halal. We also offer deep-frozen processed meat products in unpackaged form. These goods are preferred i.e. by our sausage producers. On request we also offer packed meat in trays for the food retail trade.


In principle, our products are fully traceable and their origin is transparent.

Artikelnummer Bezeichnung
700 Schaf
701 Schaf
702 Vorderviertel
703 Vorderviertel
704 Braten
705 Keule
706 Keule
707 Filet
708 Lachse
709 Abschnitte
Lamb forquarter elements
Shoulder with shin
Shoulder w/o shin
Shoulder boneless roll
Shoulder boneless 80 CL Polyblock
Goulasch from shoulder
Neck boneless
Shin bone-in
Saratoga Racks
Flank boneless
Lamb proccesing elements
90/10 Trimmings
80/20 Trimmings
70/30 Trimmings
Caul fat
Lamb hindquarter elements
Leg bone-in FBO
Leg bone-in ABO
Leg bone-in CKT
Leg slices
Leg boneless
Goulash from leg
Rump cap on
Rump cap off
Shank bone-in
Loin bone-in
French rack
Loin Butterfly
T.Bone steaks
Loin boneless PAD
Lamb offals
Bloody meat